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Visual Journal for your soul

The Resilience Journal program is aimed for those who want to dive into the journal to enter a process of imagination, story telling and discovery through the arts. 

Benefits of using art in therapy

To enter the world of imagination

Art helps us reach new places and allows new surprises and images to emerge.  When one is stuck in a difficult place, the expressive arts offer a non-verbal way to help people suffering to desensitize their senses and allow the expansion of play to occur. 


When one removes itself from the place of suffering and enters a place of creation and imagination, new possibilities and new ways of being can emerge.


The journal is a powerful container to allow for this process to occur. The goal is for the client to gain new resources to heal and build resilience. 


The journal came to light when Leetal found her connection to her grandmother's story of the diary she kept during the war, during the Holocaust. The essence of the container that held the safe place during a lonely and difficult time provided her an outlet for expression and a place to foster meaning and purpose, the essence of building resilience. 


What people are saying...


“The program I did with Leetal has completely changed my life. It made me connect with my deep emotions and fears that I suppressed and pushed away for so long. After the course, I made significant changes in my life and started to feel like I had strength and courage, for the first time in a very long time.” 


My approach

After accumulating thousands of hours of multidisciplinary art therapy in a wide variety of target audiences, I felt a mission to bring the vast knowledge and gifts I received - to the world.

The Art Sense program is aimed at therapists or therapy students who have learned different treatment methods and want to integrate the arts into their work as an additional tool. Expressive art therapy is a creative tool that will upgrade any therapy, both in terms of the patient's and therapist experience.


Multidisciplinary art has an infinite ability to touch without focusing on the problem, sometimes even without talking about it.

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