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About Leetal Caidar Benzvi

Welcome to ArtSense, a space where the fusion of sensory experiences and the transformative power of art takes center stage. I'm Leetal Benzvi, the founder of ArtSense, and I bring a deep commitment to exploring the dynamic relationship between our senses and the creative process.

ArtSense acknowledges the profound impact our senses have on our journey through life. Engaging individuals holistically, we recognize the significance of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and spatial awareness. In its diverse forms, art becomes a medium through which we cultivate mental resilience—an essential aspect of mental health, growth, and an enriched quality of life.

As a practitioner, I guide participants through drawing, dancing, music, and writing, facilitating moments of clarity and self-awareness.

My journey into this transformative work began with a profound observation of the impact of art on personal growth. Motivated by this experience, I dedicated myself to understanding the expressive arts, earning a Master’s degree, and pursuing a PhD in resilience and the arts.

At ArtSense, we believe that as we strive to make sense of ourselves and our place in the world, we develop verbal and non-verbal language to communicate and express our thoughts and feelings. We aim to facilitate this expressive journey, guiding individuals toward greater clarity and self-awareness.

Join us at ArtSense as we collectively explore the senses, creativity, and mental resilience. The arts are your language of self-discovery and growth.

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My Approach

The ArtSense Method is based on multidisciplinary art therapy, with the experience, I gained from my experience as a therapist.  The method combines the five disciplines of art: visual art, music, dance, poetry, and play, along with the theories of resilience.  



What people are saying...

I entered the program very confused, very stressed especially with a great lack of guidance and support. I was desperate for change in order to make internal progress with the things I hold.


During the program, I arrived at important conclusions that allowed me to enter a very important processes. Leetal has helped me a lot with facing challenging and making the changes needed in my life.

~ Shizaf ~

(Trauma treatment program through art)

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