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About Leetal Caidar Benzvi

My name is Leetal Benzvi. I named my business ArtSense because it incorporates two important aspects of my work.

  1. We experience ourselves and our world through our senses.

  2. And it is through our senses that we create.

The art that we create becomes the means by which we develop mental resilience. For me, this form of resilience is key to mental health, growth, and quality of life.

I approach the person as a whole. In this way, ArtSense is an embodied work that utilizes all our senses including; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and the sense of space and time.

As we go through life trying to make sense of who we are and how we relate to others and the world around us, we develop a language, both verbal and non-verbal to communicate and express our thoughts and feelings. I engage people in drawing, dancing, music, and writing to create clarity and awareness.   

I came to this work when I watched my older son struggle. Nothing seemed to help him cope with his frustrations and sense of helplessness until he turned to music. It was then that I witnessed a connection in him that diminished his pain and suffering and allowed him to grow and thrive. 

The music also allowed me to communicate with my son on a more personal and rewarding level as I began to converse with him, at first, through sound and music. 

The visual arts were my medium; my preferred language. And so, I went to learn and train in the expressive arts, earning my Master’s degree, and now on my way to completing my doctorate.


My Approach

The ArtSense Method is based on multidisciplinary art therapy, with the experience, I gained from my experience as a therapist.  The method combines the five disciplines of art: visual art, music, dance, poetry, and play, along with the theories of resilience.  



What people are saying...

I entered the program very confused, very stressed especially with a great lack of guidance and support. I was desperate for change in order to make internal progress with the things I hold.


During the program, I arrived at important conclusions that allowed me to enter a very important processes. Leetal has helped me a lot with facing challenging and making the changes needed in my life.

~ Shizaf ~

(Trauma treatment program through art)

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