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Mental Resilience Through Art

Visual Arts, Movement, Drama & Music


ArtSense is available to individuals who are looking to discover new perspectives and new ways to make changes.

I work with trauma survivors. The therapy allows the survivor to reconstruct their post-trauma. The therapy provides a safe space and means through which the survivor can begin to experience hope.

I offer professional training in the use of the Vision Journal. Professionals in the health and mental health field learn about this intermodal and non-verbal approach and add it to their toolbox. 

This method is based on multidisciplinary art therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, and the vast experience I gained from my experience as a therapist. Today I also lecture and train therapists at Tel Aviv and Haifa university in Israel, in non-profit organizations, therapeutic clinics, and globally.  I teach them how to work with art as a therapeutic tool and in addition to self-care techniques, through artistic tools.


Awaken the senses

The Clinic


Individual Treatment

The therapy sessions invite the client to enter the imaginary realm while learning from the process and gain resources.

Visual Journal

Connecting Body & Soul 

The Resilience Journal program is aimed for those who want to dive into the journal to enter a process of imagination, story telling and discovery through the arts. 

Art as therapy for the soul


 Choose the route for you 

Course 2

A visual journal course for the soul

The Journal allows us to enter our imagination. We will work with our dreams and visions and manage to open our hearts in a self-journey.

The course is intended for everyone's soul.

Course 1

Resilience Visual Journal for Therapists

The Resilience Visual Journal is aimed at therapists who want to integrate the arts into their work as an additional tool.

The method requires no background or experience in the arts.

For women

Resilience. Women. Art


To co-create communal containers that support resilience and restoration and give voice to the unexpressed. 

Project R.A.W.

Stimulate the senses

Trauma Treatment 


Program Through Art

Path of identity, narrative,  senses, healing the wounds, hope, courage, trusting the process, finding the sacred place within oneself, Path of exposure and acceptance of consciousness.

Art as a tool for therapists

Therapist training


The interdisciplinary methods allow the client to step away from the “problem” and discover underlying issues. Many times this is done through the arts as a form of communication.

The Art Sense Method

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