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Workshop and training courses

Our range of courses spans from professional academic to professional development, with additional offerings for personal self-growth. We also provide the option to create and tailor courses specifically for your organization's needs

קורס אקדמאי מקצועי

Professional courses

Resilience Journal 

This specialized course is meticulously crafted for therapists and individuals in helping professions, offering a comprehensive blend of theoretical studies in psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy. Emphasizing an experiential journey, participants delve into various mediums such as visual arts, movement, music, and imagination. Guided by theories of resilience, participants are encouraged to actively engage with these tools, facilitated through a visual journaling process, enriching both their understanding and practical application.

The course consists of 5 sessions

with each session spanning three hours

Experience personalized growth in our small and intimate groups, where individual attention is prioritized for a more impactful journey

Participant Recommendations

 Resilience Journal Course – a self-care program designed for anyone seeking profound personal change

Uncover the depths of your personal journey in our course, where step-by-step guidance, combined with the power of arts and imagination, helps you explore your stories and discover untapped strengths and resources

The course consists of 5 sessions, totaling 15 hours,

with each session spanning three hours

Date and price: TBD 

“The program I did with Leetal has completely changed my life. It made me connect with my deep emotions and fears that I suppressed and pushed away for so long. After the course, I made significant changes in my life and started to feel like I had strength and courage, for the first time in a very long time.” 

- Liron -

Prerequisites: An interest in photography. No prior art experience required

The course consists of 10 engaging meetings, totaling 20 hours of exploration and growth. Each two-hour session is carefully structured, dedicating the first hour to theory and learning and the second hour to hands-on experiential activities, fostering sharing and reflective discussions

Embark on a thrilling personal growth journey with our course, exploring the depths of self-discovery. Key elements include gaining proficiency with the camera, understanding the interplay between body, mind, and soul, establishing connections between the physical and the spiritual, and acquiring practical tools through hands-on experience and personal photography projects

 Price: 2,500 NIS  


Phototheraphy Visual Journal Course

סדנת יומן חוסן אישי
קורס פוטותרפיה

My Approach

Drawing from extensive multidisciplinary art therapy experience and my research in developing the resilience journal tool during my PhD studies, I am driven to share transformative insights with the world.

The Art Sense program is tailored for therapists or therapy students eager to integrate expressive arts into their practice. Offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, this program enhances therapeutic journeys for both clients and practitioners.

Multidisciplinary art has a profound ability to connect and heal, often bypassing verbal communication to touch individuals at their core, making it an invaluable addition to any therapeutic toolkit.

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