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Resilience Visual Journal for Therapists

The Resilience Visual Journal is aimed at therapists who want to integrate the arts into their work as an additional tool.

Course Structure

Learn to navigate the world through creativity and expression

The journal is available to individuals who are looking to discover new perspectives and new ways to make a change and connect with emotions. The Visual Journal is a solid tool that can regulate emotions and build mental resilience.

The art that we create becomes the means by which we develop mental resilience.
For me, this form of resilience is key to mental health, growth, and quality of life.


Advantages of using the visual journal in therapy

The journal is a container that invites one into a therapeutic process that utilizes all the senses. Expressive Art therapy includes; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and the sense of space and time.

As we try to make sense of who we are and how we relate to others and the world around us, we develop verbal and non-verbal language to communicate and express our thoughts and feelings. I engage people in the journal through drawing, dancing, music, and writing to create clarity and awareness.

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for therapists, educational counselors, social workers, and caretakers with therapeutic experience who are interested in expanding their knowledge and learning how to work with art and another tool in therapy.

What is included?

Five meetings:
Each session combines theory, experiential work, and case studies. 

:Course structure



Where am I today?
The existentialism of my identity in relation to my existing world

האני העצמי ומשמעות הקיום בעולם האמיתי והטיפולי



Where have I been?
The lifeline that takes one on the journey of their life

מחקר מסע חיי והסיפור שלי

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-12 at 09.44_edited.jpg


What Do I Need To Say?

Facing the trauma, the past, and the inner child

התמודדות עם טראומה עבר והילד הפנימי

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-12 at 09.44_edited.jpg


My resources & strengths:

My inner hero

האמצעים והכוחות המשרתים אותי בחיי



My Vision, Dreams & Fantasies
“Framing Myself”

החזון, החלום והפנטזיה

What people are saying...


The Resilience Journal with Leetal was profoundly meaningful to me both professionally and personally. I started working right away with the journal in the clinic with my patients.


Leetal lives the work through the art and the journal and manages to instill joy and passion in this work even for those who are afraid of working with the art. I highly recommend the course! 

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in the course."

~ Dr. Lior Granot ~


My Approach

After accumulating thousands of hours of multidisciplinary art therapy with a wide variety of target audiences, I felt a mission to bring the vast knowledge and gifts I received - to the world.

The Art Sense program is aimed at therapists or therapy students who have learned different treatment methods and want to integrate the arts into their work as an additional tool. Expressive art therapy is a creative tool that will upgrade any therapy, both in terms of the patient's and therapist's experience.


Multidisciplinary art has an infinite ability to touch without focusing on the problem, sometimes even without talking about it.

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