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Engage in enlightening presentations, motivational discussions, and immersive experiences tailored to diverse audiences. Explore the realm of mental resilience through a visual resilience journal designed to navigate extreme situations, address anxieties, confront fears, and heal from traumas, all through the expressive mediums of visual arts, drama, music, and dance. These insightful lectures seamlessly intertwine with compelling narratives and practical tools for everyday application, empowering individuals in their journey of self-discovery and growth.


Resilience at work

Experiential an interactive and innovative lecture aimed for hi-tech and organizations.

Through creativity and inspiration-  the audience will get practical tools for developing mental resilience, working under pressure, increasing productivity and team work, etc.


Resilience Visual Journal

Designed for therapist, delve into interactive presentations, motivational insights, and experiential learning crafted for a diverse audience, focusing on mental resilience. Explore a visual resilience journal that navigates extreme situations, addresses anxieties, confronts fears, and heals trauma, employing artistic expressions such as visual arts, drama, music, and dance. These engaging lectures seamlessly weave together impactful narratives and practical tools, providing a holistic approach for individuals to apply in their journey of self-reflection and growth.


The Journey of the Journal

A lecture about a fascinating personal family story that moves between the pages of the journal of a young girl (my grandmother...), 

during the Holocaust - a story of courage and survival. A story full of inspiration and hope and healing - and how the journalbecame a tool to build resilience.

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Resilience at work
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