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Project R.A.W.
Resilience. Women. Art


Mission Statement:

To co-create communal containers that support resilience and restoration and give voice to the unexpressed. 



Adult women seeking healing from grief and trauma

Location: Local communities where we live


Honor the local community.
Ways of being and knowing while offering an Expressive Arts Ritual-based frame to support the emergence of spaces where the hidden, silent, and invisible can be seen, heard, and held within the community.


Private art studio and clinic in Ra’anana, Israel 



20-week program

Two-hour sessions

Final Exhibition 


Make contact with a wounded part
Express grief and trauma 
Have a voice
Gain resources 
Experience communal receiving


My Approach

After accumulating thousands of hours of multidisciplinary art therapy with a wide variety of target audiences, I felt a mission to bring the vast knowledge and gifts I received - to the world.

The Art Sense program is aimed at therapists or therapy students who have learned different treatment methods and want to integrate the arts into their work as an additional tool. Expressive art therapy is a creative tool that will upgrade any therapy, both in terms of the patient's and therapist's experience.


Multidisciplinary art has an infinite ability to touch without focusing on the problem, sometimes even without talking about it.

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