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Workshop and training courses

Our range of courses spans from professional academic to professional development, with additional offerings for personal self-growth. We also provide the option to create and tailor courses specifically for your organization's needs

קורס אקדמאי מקצועי

Professional courses

קורס יומן חוסן ויזואלי עם ד״ר ליטל בן צבי - הרשמה

?מעוניינת בקורס פרונטלי
קורס בוקר בתאריכים 2.9 עד 11.9 - שעות בוקר 9-12
קורס ערב בתאריכים 2.9 עד 11.9 - שעות ערב 18-21
? מעוניינת בקורס בזום (תאריכים ייקבעו בהתאם לדרישה)

Resilience Journal 

Participant Recommendations

סדנת יומן חוסן אישי

My Approach

Drawing from extensive multidisciplinary art therapy experience and my research in developing the resilience journal tool during my PhD studies, I am driven to share transformative insights with the world.

The Art Sense program is tailored for therapists or therapy students eager to integrate expressive arts into their practice. Offering a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience, this program enhances therapeutic journeys for both clients and practitioners.

Multidisciplinary art has a profound ability to connect and heal, often bypassing verbal communication to touch individuals at their core, making it an invaluable addition to any therapeutic toolkit.

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